zaterdag 29 december 2012

Life is a party

X/mas with my little brother
                                            Marcus Mumford at the concert at the o2 arena

                                                                    Sister ♥

                                                                    Phoneboot in London


                                                                Those lovely christmaslights
With the bandshirt and ticket
           Worked the entire christmas at the hospital, tried to make the best out of it and cheer up the patients


donderdag 7 juni 2012

A white blank page.. and a swelling rage ♪


Lots of things happend lately.. wasn't the greatest period ever..
Brokeup with my bf after six years.. but im fine now :)

Did some comfort shopping.. hahah ALWAYS WORKS!
(Will be posting some pictures later today.. it's not working at the moment and it's quite late so im to lazy to fix it ;) )

Went to Walibi with my brother and sisters, had some lovely picknicks when the weather was still good.

Have to work one more day.. than i can enjoy a high tea on friday, watch the Holland-Denmark game at Saturday and Sunday i'm going to have dinner with my dear aunt!

Next week my exams start.. so enjoying my freedom for the last few days ;)


Pacha Festival, great party!!

Rotterdam - My view, from my balcony 

With my brother and sister at the park

C'est moi Fashion against aids top + short H&M


Got some tails.. will suit well with my EK-outfit ;)

vrijdag 27 april 2012

It has been a while

Wow, my last post was in january 2011!
So many things happend, so many stuff was bought..

But lets start FRESH!

Today i bought the most lovely shoes: the blue/mint heels from New Look and the cognac coloured boots.

I also did something crazy today.. it was in my mind for a time now.. So, i got myself a nape piercing!
Didn't hurt at all! Im so happy, hopefully it stay's in.. in tends to grow out quick.. :(

Don't know if i have followers left.. but keep checking my blog!
Im going to be here more often haha


Getting pierced!

The result ♥
My new shoes!