dinsdag 11 januari 2011


Wow time really flies.. It's the 11th of january 2011!
Time to look back at 2010 and make some new goals for this year.
2010 has been quite successful.. i gratuated, got my driverslicence, everybody was healthy, had a lot of fun with my dear friends and family & last but not least another great year with my sweet boyfriend.
So now for 2011.. new goals..
I'm doing math.. so i think the main goal is finishing that.. and get myself into the university..
maybe a car? .. Hopefully much health and fun with my friends & family.
The first nice things are already planned.. i bougt tickets for a 25-days vacation to: THAILAND!
We only booked Bangkok the first three day's and the full moonparty.. so it will be quite an adventure..
And with my girls im looking for a nice beach-citytrip to VALENCIA (L).
Oh.. almost forgot the outfit, i went to the cinema tonight, and whore my new H&M dress i just got in + my lovely shoes i found with some discount @ Cafemoda.
With Love,

Dress: H&M / Belt: H&M / Ring: Primark

New years eveee.


Travelguide my boyfriend got me for christmas for our trip!