donderdag 16 december 2010

X-mass dress

Christmas is almost on the way and for the first time in 3 year's i dont have to work 7 a clock in the morning.. so im looking forward to Christmasbreakfast and no need to hurry to a dinner after a long day of work..

We're going to a party in Rotterdam, big party with some nice Dj's so i had to find myself a cute dress.. wich isn't that hard ofcourse :P

I bought this Lipsy dress with some glitters on it, it;s absolutly lovely!
What do you think?

Having the weekend off.. so im going to party tonight & saturdayevening we're going to Dirty Dutch, a big party in Amsterdam..
... oh i love weekends.

With love,


donderdag 25 november 2010


Last weekend we went to Madrid for my boyfriends birthday, i gave him tickets to a Real Madrid match and a weekend away.
Madrid is a really nice city with some great buildings.

We did some shopping, i only bought 1(!!) top and my boyfriend bought like 6 or 7 different pieces, so thats kinda strange.. :p

We got tickets for the match and were so close to the field (row 8) so we had excellent view!
Witch was great for my boyfriend, but also for me.. Cristino Ronaldo (L)

Besides visting the match and shopping we went to the museum Prado and the royal palace.

I love those little trips away, it just feels like holiday.
Got to plan a new trip really soon...


A little park. Coat: Zara / Shoes: Obvious ;)

My love.

Cristino Ronaldoooo

Starbucks, wish we had one in Rotterdam!

My boyfriend and me @ the hotel. Dress: H&M

zaterdag 13 november 2010



Just got home from my eveningshift at the hospital, it was quite busy.. (just like the other day's this week) so im glad with my (in my opinion) well deserved 3 day's off.
Don't knoW what i'm going to do this weekend, maybe some cocktails and a girlsnight out saturdaynight!?

What i really need to do is my laundry, my math homestudy and start learning for my exam becoming a cardiac nurse.

Yesterday i recieved my H&M trend blouse, i waited almost 2 months!!
But who's complaining.. it arrived and it's so lovely!
The uggs are not that charming, but it was nice and compfy on the bicycle!
The weather is so shitty these day's :( , im praying for some warmth and sunshine at Madrid next weekend..

With love,
Blouse: H&M Trend / Hair-flower: Primark
Blouse: H&M / Legging: Mango / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Uggs / Hairpiece: Primark
Trying to show of the flower in my hear..

Have a nice weeeekend!

maandag 8 november 2010


I love love love love nailpolish..
All those crazy colours i can match with my clothes and shoes..
Love it!

so time to show off my collection ;)

The good life.

Long time no see.
Im a bad blogger and i just can't get out of that image.

Worked a lot lasts weeks, had some nightshifts.. did a little bit of shopping, party-ed and had fun.

This weekend we went partying in Rotterdam, it was quite busy but we had fun!
Before we went partying we made dinner ourself.

We almost needed an hour to do the grocerys haha, and needed 2 1/2 hour to finish up but the outcome was very nice.
We even made our favourite dish: SUSHI (L)

Bought myself a coat and new heels (picture below)

This week i need to work again.. update you soon!


Wearing: Top: Asos / Skirt: Vero moda / Panty: New Look / Heels: Primark

Coat: Zara / Heels: H&M .. Looking like a dementor (harry potter)


THe outcome!


dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Passing by really quick.

.. wow, time flies!
Still busy working.. im looking forward starting a new study.. but that's going to take a while.

Yesterday my boyfriend turned 22, so i finally gave him his Madrid-present (he sadly already knew)..

Tomorrow im going to the cinema, we're planning on going to dispicable me.. :D
Friday im going to drink some cocktails with two lovely friends & the rest of the weekend i have eveningshifts at the hospital.

My asos dress arrived (it costed only 20 euro's.. nice :) and i also recieved the H&M by night top..

Posting more updates as soon as possible!

With love.

Asos dress

H&M Top / AA skirt / + legging wich was still drying ;)

donderdag 7 oktober 2010

We will rock you!

My boyfriend is the best!
Tuesday my boyfriend called me up at my work to ask if i was free wednsdaynight..
and luckely i was!

Im a big big big musical fan, did a few musicals and actingwork myself, and when we went to Londen earlier this year, we tried to went to the will we rock you musical... but sadly there where no tickets left.
Now they are playing in the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht, and he bought me tickets!

It was fantastic, it was a good story and recognizing all those wonderfull Queen songs was quite nice as well!
I loved every second of it! (L)

Today i need to go to school.. and after im going to a party organised by my work.
Tomorrow one more day of working and then its WEEEKEND.
With love,

Dress: Asos / shoes: Dr. Adams / Blazer: Zara (not on the picture) / Ring: Asos / Earrings: Small shop in Belgium)

Asos order

The black dress is on it way (also orderd a quite simple white top) and the floraldress has just been orderd..
Oh i love ASOS.

zondag 3 oktober 2010

Telephone (L)

Whoehoe, 3 weeks ago i orderd my iphone, currently i'm calling with a oldscool Nokia, because my old telephone gave up on me.
Thursday i got a call from the phoneprovider that my iphone 4 arrived!

Im TOTALLY in love! it's such a great telephone with so many options..

I already downloaded a thousand apps, my favourite game now is angry birds. And whatsup is really nice. Do you have any suggestions??

I also booked a weekend MADRID in november. My boyfriends birthday is coming up in a few weeks and i thought it would great to giving him tickets to a footballmatch.
So i picked a nice city and a footballteam with some nice guys in it.. and ended up with.. REAL MADRID ;)

So madrid, here we come!!
We're planning on a little bit of shopping, the footballmatch and maybe Moviepark, but that depends on the weather...
Any advice?

Tonight i went for a sushi date with two lovely friends. Áfter that we wanted to party, but one friend wasn't feeling that well so we desided to stay at home and get a good night sleep..
Sadly im not a good sleeper and so now im still awake..

Oh almoest forgot..
I orded two things at ASOS, a one shoulder lipsy dress and a basic top, so.. pictures soon ;)

Have a nice day xoxo

dinsdag 28 september 2010

New buys


I survived working my four nights, it was quite a challange staying awake, but i made it.

Working nightshifts brings up a lot of money, so me and my friend desided to have a little shopping spree @ Antwerpen (belgium).

Sadly it's wasn't our day... You never find nice stuff when you have money! GRRR

I bought nail polish, vans (i was looking for the grey/pink one, but i liked the black ones more), a cute black dress and earrings.

Tonight im going out for a drink at an internationals night @ cafe bed in Rotterdam. My boyfriend just started his with his master, so im meeting up with some of his new friends. I have one free day left tomorrow, so im going to enjoy it. Thursday work starts again.. HURAY
Have a nice day
H&M Dress

Cute earrings

Mint green nailpolish

vrijdag 24 september 2010

1 down 3 to go!

My first night passed and i have three left..
Luckly we had a quite peacefull night, from tonight on i am on my one.
So thats kinda exciting and a little bit nerve-racking, i just graduated and now im at full responsibility.. But it will be okay!

It's so boring staying in bed all day trying to sleep, i'm not a good sleeper, so i have to force myself sleeping. Long live REDBULL for keeping me awake at night ;)

I cut of my head from the pictures because i'm heaving the flue, so im the proud owner of a big red nose and watery eyes.. not that charming ;)

Have a nice evening!
Jumpsuit: Asos / Belt: H&M / Heels: Asos / Blazer: Vero Moda

My lovely Asos heels

Detail picture.
With love.

donderdag 23 september 2010

Shame on me.. it's been way to long!

So sorry for updating my blog this bad.. i'm still getting used to work 32 hours a week!
Wow.. that's kinda hard!

Lesss party, have to plan dates with friends up to months away.. :(
Luckly, im still doing some school (becoming a cardiac nurse) and doing math so i can join the university next year.. so lets say this is just temporary!

It's such a boring day, im doing nightshifts.. so my days are like a mole.. sleeping and staying in my dark roomie.. Bleeegh.
4 to goo.. :yawn:

Yesterday there was a VIP night at Veromoda & Only, as i got an invite and a little bit money left i went there with my mother and sister in law.
Sadly the collection wasn't that much, but i fell in love with this cute blue blazer that i just couldn't resist!

Hello blazer number 10 (ahaha)

Today im not wearing something special.. going to school and after that straight to work for my nightshift!

I also added a picture of a party i had last week with my colleagues, it was a beachparty.. but the wether wasn't quite working. So we stayed in and danced the night away!

Auf wieder sehen!

Blazer: Veromoda / Top: H&M divided / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Zara

Rings: Asos / Swarovsky


maandag 6 september 2010

Say hi to my new babies (L)

Im such a bad blogger.. shame on me..
But im so busy! I don't have much time and i bearly touched my laptop these last days.
Last week i worked every day, had day and nightshifts. So i got home friday quite late, saturday i'd had a good sleep, orded tickets for this great dance party called "Dirty Dutch" the 18th of december, had a home-party.. with lots of booze and sunday i did a little bit of shopping and a lunch with my aunt. She bought me my new loves.. these great black suede wedges!
I got them as a present for my graduation =)
Sundayevening i went for dinner with my lovely boyfriend at Sumo (sushi),
and after that we watched some tv and i had to sleep because another busy workweek is coming.. 5 times coming out of bed at 6 o clock in the morning *YAWN*
I orded Asos, im expecting my order soon.. more updates soon!
With Love,

Wedges: Bullboxer (bought @ Dr. Adams)

My outfit today.
Wedges: BullBoxer / Skirt: Only / Top: Asos

Ring: H&M / Ring: Swarovsky / Armlets: A gift from Spain

dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

I wish, i wish..

Today im not posting an outfit.
Didn't do that much... worked & had a drink with my dear friend Alex.
We had a lot to talk about, we both just graduated so talking about trying to find a job and thinking about our future..
Today im posting a Asos wishlist..
What do you think?

maandag 30 augustus 2010

Dear sun..

.. pleeeaaase come back!

Brr it's so cold & windy!

Today im looking like a mess, work started again so that means i have to get up 5.50 in de morning :(
The wind was so hard and it was quite cold, i just couldn't get out of bed.
I have worn my uggs today (?? it's the 30th of august..) & a comfy sweater.

My mom makes hat's, yesterday she made this one for me.
I like it very much (L)

This weekend i went to Mysteryland.. i prayed for some good wether.. AND WE GOT IT!
The sun shined, and it was quite warm.. how nice.
It was a lovely party, and i'm totally going to be there next year!

Sunday i did really nothint, drive a little bit on my own.. it's going better.. the car only felt out once! (haha)
How was your weekend?

With love,

Hat: made by my mom / Sweater: Only / Pants: Jeans / Shoes: chestnut uggs

Mysteryland: Jillzz (L) / Dress: Asos / Shoes: Vintage boots

How nice..

Dress: Asos / Bag: H&M / Earring & rings: H&M / Swarovsky

Q-dance stage!
Have a nice evening ;)