dinsdag 28 september 2010

New buys


I survived working my four nights, it was quite a challange staying awake, but i made it.

Working nightshifts brings up a lot of money, so me and my friend desided to have a little shopping spree @ Antwerpen (belgium).

Sadly it's wasn't our day... You never find nice stuff when you have money! GRRR

I bought nail polish, vans (i was looking for the grey/pink one, but i liked the black ones more), a cute black dress and earrings.

Tonight im going out for a drink at an internationals night @ cafe bed in Rotterdam. My boyfriend just started his with his master, so im meeting up with some of his new friends. I have one free day left tomorrow, so im going to enjoy it. Thursday work starts again.. HURAY
Have a nice day
H&M Dress

Cute earrings

Mint green nailpolish

vrijdag 24 september 2010

1 down 3 to go!

My first night passed and i have three left..
Luckly we had a quite peacefull night, from tonight on i am on my one.
So thats kinda exciting and a little bit nerve-racking, i just graduated and now im at full responsibility.. But it will be okay!

It's so boring staying in bed all day trying to sleep, i'm not a good sleeper, so i have to force myself sleeping. Long live REDBULL for keeping me awake at night ;)

I cut of my head from the pictures because i'm heaving the flue, so im the proud owner of a big red nose and watery eyes.. not that charming ;)

Have a nice evening!
Jumpsuit: Asos / Belt: H&M / Heels: Asos / Blazer: Vero Moda

My lovely Asos heels

Detail picture.
With love.

donderdag 23 september 2010

Shame on me.. it's been way to long!

So sorry for updating my blog this bad.. i'm still getting used to work 32 hours a week!
Wow.. that's kinda hard!

Lesss party, have to plan dates with friends up to months away.. :(
Luckly, im still doing some school (becoming a cardiac nurse) and doing math so i can join the university next year.. so lets say this is just temporary!

It's such a boring day, im doing nightshifts.. so my days are like a mole.. sleeping and staying in my dark roomie.. Bleeegh.
4 to goo.. :yawn:

Yesterday there was a VIP night at Veromoda & Only, as i got an invite and a little bit money left i went there with my mother and sister in law.
Sadly the collection wasn't that much, but i fell in love with this cute blue blazer that i just couldn't resist!

Hello blazer number 10 (ahaha)

Today im not wearing something special.. going to school and after that straight to work for my nightshift!

I also added a picture of a party i had last week with my colleagues, it was a beachparty.. but the wether wasn't quite working. So we stayed in and danced the night away!

Auf wieder sehen!

Blazer: Veromoda / Top: H&M divided / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Zara

Rings: Asos / Swarovsky


maandag 6 september 2010

Say hi to my new babies (L)

Im such a bad blogger.. shame on me..
But im so busy! I don't have much time and i bearly touched my laptop these last days.
Last week i worked every day, had day and nightshifts. So i got home friday quite late, saturday i'd had a good sleep, orded tickets for this great dance party called "Dirty Dutch" the 18th of december, had a home-party.. with lots of booze and sunday i did a little bit of shopping and a lunch with my aunt. She bought me my new loves.. these great black suede wedges!
I got them as a present for my graduation =)
Sundayevening i went for dinner with my lovely boyfriend at Sumo (sushi),
and after that we watched some tv and i had to sleep because another busy workweek is coming.. 5 times coming out of bed at 6 o clock in the morning *YAWN*
I orded Asos, im expecting my order soon.. more updates soon!
With Love,

Wedges: Bullboxer (bought @ Dr. Adams)

My outfit today.
Wedges: BullBoxer / Skirt: Only / Top: Asos

Ring: H&M / Ring: Swarovsky / Armlets: A gift from Spain