dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

I wish, i wish..

Today im not posting an outfit.
Didn't do that much... worked & had a drink with my dear friend Alex.
We had a lot to talk about, we both just graduated so talking about trying to find a job and thinking about our future..
Today im posting a Asos wishlist..
What do you think?

maandag 30 augustus 2010

Dear sun..

.. pleeeaaase come back!

Brr it's so cold & windy!

Today im looking like a mess, work started again so that means i have to get up 5.50 in de morning :(
The wind was so hard and it was quite cold, i just couldn't get out of bed.
I have worn my uggs today (?? it's the 30th of august..) & a comfy sweater.

My mom makes hat's, yesterday she made this one for me.
I like it very much (L)

This weekend i went to Mysteryland.. i prayed for some good wether.. AND WE GOT IT!
The sun shined, and it was quite warm.. how nice.
It was a lovely party, and i'm totally going to be there next year!

Sunday i did really nothint, drive a little bit on my own.. it's going better.. the car only felt out once! (haha)
How was your weekend?

With love,

Hat: made by my mom / Sweater: Only / Pants: Jeans / Shoes: chestnut uggs

Mysteryland: Jillzz (L) / Dress: Asos / Shoes: Vintage boots

How nice..

Dress: Asos / Bag: H&M / Earring & rings: H&M / Swarovsky

Q-dance stage!
Have a nice evening ;)

vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

Hello autumn

I guess summer is really over..

The wether is terrible!
It's rainy, it's cold.. *grosh*

Today i went to the city of Rotterdam with my dear friend to catch up, we had a lot to talk about. Vacations, work etc.
We had a delicious bagel @ the cappucinobar and i bought some photoalbums.
Tomorrow i'm going to Mysteryland ( a dance festival) i'm praying for a little bit of sunshine.. but i don't think that's going to help :(
What are your plans for the weekend?

Hat: Vintage / Dress: Zara / Vest: H&M / Heels: Zara / Belt: H&M

Have a nice day!

With love,

donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Already did a little bit of shopping

Time for an outfit & my new buys.
It was way to long ago that i spend some money on clothing.
So yesterdayevening when i heard there was a sale evening @ the veromoda and Vila.. i went straight ahead.. I also added my buys from Gran Canaria!

Oh from today on (im planning to) update my blog daily.

With Love,

Blazer: Object / Top: Pieces / Jeans: H&M / Wedges: H&M / Ring: Pieces

Mango blouse (Sale @ Las Palmas) / Pieces tee

Heels & Wedges: Zara (Sale @ Las palmas) / Blazer: Object (Vila)

Top: veromoda (dark blue) / Vest & Belt: H&M


Back from Egypte

They say time flies when you're having fun..
and it sooo true.

Im back from my second, and also wonderfull vacation.
Me and my boyfriend went to Egypte - Hurghada.
It was lovely, and reaaally hot!
The temperatures raised up to 50 degrees :O

I have a few more days of relaxing ahead, im going to Mysteryland ( a dance festival) this weekend & then the real world starts again..
working as a nurse 32 hours a week, what an awfull thought.. working hahah

I added a few pictures from my holiday.

With love,

On our private beach @ the hotel

Cocktails @ the marina

@ Luxor, the tempel of Karnak

Feeling really small

Paradise Island (where we saw wild dolphins!!)

The tempel of Hatsjepoets

With the Sfinx & the piramids


vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Back from Gran Canaria

Im back from (i think a totally well deserved) vacation to Gran Canaria.
The island had all the great ingredients to make it a wonderfull vacation!
The weather in holland is quite poor, so im kinda sad being back!

Today i picked up my driverslicense and went for a little ride with my boyfriend.
It was a complete disaster (haha).
The car fell out in front of a traficlight.. i was so stressed out i couldn't get it on again.
So my boyfriend and i had to change seat.. and he had to drive away.
I thought i was about to cry if it took any longer.. haha
Hopefully the next time will be a little bit better ;)

How was your first time driving?

Sadly tomorrow i have to start working again, but nog for long.. next saturday im leaving to Egypte with my boyfriend!

Not an outfit today, but some pictures from my holiday!
I did a little bit of shopping in Gran Canaria, i'will show you more pictures tomorrow!

Have a goodnight sleep.

With love,

On the beach / Bikini: Asos

With a wannabe lady gaga! / Dress: Asos

Shopping @ las palmas / Dress: Zara

@ Maspalomas (a small town) / maxidress: Asos / Ring: Aldo

Also @ Maspalomas / Top: H&M / Harempents: Zara / Heels: Zara / Ring: Aldo

Me with some view @ Playa del ingles / Top: H&M / Shorts: Zara

A silly game called Who am i? / Dress: Rare

Me and my lovely girls / Dress: Asos