donderdag 25 november 2010


Last weekend we went to Madrid for my boyfriends birthday, i gave him tickets to a Real Madrid match and a weekend away.
Madrid is a really nice city with some great buildings.

We did some shopping, i only bought 1(!!) top and my boyfriend bought like 6 or 7 different pieces, so thats kinda strange.. :p

We got tickets for the match and were so close to the field (row 8) so we had excellent view!
Witch was great for my boyfriend, but also for me.. Cristino Ronaldo (L)

Besides visting the match and shopping we went to the museum Prado and the royal palace.

I love those little trips away, it just feels like holiday.
Got to plan a new trip really soon...


A little park. Coat: Zara / Shoes: Obvious ;)

My love.

Cristino Ronaldoooo

Starbucks, wish we had one in Rotterdam!

My boyfriend and me @ the hotel. Dress: H&M

zaterdag 13 november 2010



Just got home from my eveningshift at the hospital, it was quite busy.. (just like the other day's this week) so im glad with my (in my opinion) well deserved 3 day's off.
Don't knoW what i'm going to do this weekend, maybe some cocktails and a girlsnight out saturdaynight!?

What i really need to do is my laundry, my math homestudy and start learning for my exam becoming a cardiac nurse.

Yesterday i recieved my H&M trend blouse, i waited almost 2 months!!
But who's complaining.. it arrived and it's so lovely!
The uggs are not that charming, but it was nice and compfy on the bicycle!
The weather is so shitty these day's :( , im praying for some warmth and sunshine at Madrid next weekend..

With love,
Blouse: H&M Trend / Hair-flower: Primark
Blouse: H&M / Legging: Mango / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Uggs / Hairpiece: Primark
Trying to show of the flower in my hear..

Have a nice weeeekend!

maandag 8 november 2010


I love love love love nailpolish..
All those crazy colours i can match with my clothes and shoes..
Love it!

so time to show off my collection ;)

The good life.

Long time no see.
Im a bad blogger and i just can't get out of that image.

Worked a lot lasts weeks, had some nightshifts.. did a little bit of shopping, party-ed and had fun.

This weekend we went partying in Rotterdam, it was quite busy but we had fun!
Before we went partying we made dinner ourself.

We almost needed an hour to do the grocerys haha, and needed 2 1/2 hour to finish up but the outcome was very nice.
We even made our favourite dish: SUSHI (L)

Bought myself a coat and new heels (picture below)

This week i need to work again.. update you soon!


Wearing: Top: Asos / Skirt: Vero moda / Panty: New Look / Heels: Primark

Coat: Zara / Heels: H&M .. Looking like a dementor (harry potter)


THe outcome!