donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Back from Egypte

They say time flies when you're having fun..
and it sooo true.

Im back from my second, and also wonderfull vacation.
Me and my boyfriend went to Egypte - Hurghada.
It was lovely, and reaaally hot!
The temperatures raised up to 50 degrees :O

I have a few more days of relaxing ahead, im going to Mysteryland ( a dance festival) this weekend & then the real world starts again..
working as a nurse 32 hours a week, what an awfull thought.. working hahah

I added a few pictures from my holiday.

With love,

On our private beach @ the hotel

Cocktails @ the marina

@ Luxor, the tempel of Karnak

Feeling really small

Paradise Island (where we saw wild dolphins!!)

The tempel of Hatsjepoets

With the Sfinx & the piramids


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  1. wow your look so exotic and gorgeous! I'm jealous, have fun-looks amazing!!