dinsdag 28 september 2010

New buys


I survived working my four nights, it was quite a challange staying awake, but i made it.

Working nightshifts brings up a lot of money, so me and my friend desided to have a little shopping spree @ Antwerpen (belgium).

Sadly it's wasn't our day... You never find nice stuff when you have money! GRRR

I bought nail polish, vans (i was looking for the grey/pink one, but i liked the black ones more), a cute black dress and earrings.

Tonight im going out for a drink at an internationals night @ cafe bed in Rotterdam. My boyfriend just started his with his master, so im meeting up with some of his new friends. I have one free day left tomorrow, so im going to enjoy it. Thursday work starts again.. HURAY
Have a nice day
H&M Dress

Cute earrings

Mint green nailpolish

2 opmerkingen:

  1. i like the dress, and the color of your nails. great blog!

  2. Heel leuk jurkje! Ben benieuwd naar een aanfoto ervan! Bedankt voor je comment ik volg je!;)