maandag 6 september 2010

Say hi to my new babies (L)

Im such a bad blogger.. shame on me..
But im so busy! I don't have much time and i bearly touched my laptop these last days.
Last week i worked every day, had day and nightshifts. So i got home friday quite late, saturday i'd had a good sleep, orded tickets for this great dance party called "Dirty Dutch" the 18th of december, had a home-party.. with lots of booze and sunday i did a little bit of shopping and a lunch with my aunt. She bought me my new loves.. these great black suede wedges!
I got them as a present for my graduation =)
Sundayevening i went for dinner with my lovely boyfriend at Sumo (sushi),
and after that we watched some tv and i had to sleep because another busy workweek is coming.. 5 times coming out of bed at 6 o clock in the morning *YAWN*
I orded Asos, im expecting my order soon.. more updates soon!
With Love,

Wedges: Bullboxer (bought @ Dr. Adams)

My outfit today.
Wedges: BullBoxer / Skirt: Only / Top: Asos

Ring: H&M / Ring: Swarovsky / Armlets: A gift from Spain

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  1. in time you can juggle blogging soon as if its a habit :) following your blog now. hope you follow me too


  2. well everyone can be a bad blogger every once in a while!!you see life sometimes is too busy to keep a blog up and running!!you are doing great though..!!