donderdag 7 oktober 2010

We will rock you!

My boyfriend is the best!
Tuesday my boyfriend called me up at my work to ask if i was free wednsdaynight..
and luckely i was!

Im a big big big musical fan, did a few musicals and actingwork myself, and when we went to Londen earlier this year, we tried to went to the will we rock you musical... but sadly there where no tickets left.
Now they are playing in the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht, and he bought me tickets!

It was fantastic, it was a good story and recognizing all those wonderfull Queen songs was quite nice as well!
I loved every second of it! (L)

Today i need to go to school.. and after im going to a party organised by my work.
Tomorrow one more day of working and then its WEEEKEND.
With love,

Dress: Asos / shoes: Dr. Adams / Blazer: Zara (not on the picture) / Ring: Asos / Earrings: Small shop in Belgium)

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