zondag 3 oktober 2010

Telephone (L)

Whoehoe, 3 weeks ago i orderd my iphone, currently i'm calling with a oldscool Nokia, because my old telephone gave up on me.
Thursday i got a call from the phoneprovider that my iphone 4 arrived!

Im TOTALLY in love! it's such a great telephone with so many options..

I already downloaded a thousand apps, my favourite game now is angry birds. And whatsup is really nice. Do you have any suggestions??

I also booked a weekend MADRID in november. My boyfriends birthday is coming up in a few weeks and i thought it would great to giving him tickets to a footballmatch.
So i picked a nice city and a footballteam with some nice guys in it.. and ended up with.. REAL MADRID ;)

So madrid, here we come!!
We're planning on a little bit of shopping, the footballmatch and maybe Moviepark, but that depends on the weather...
Any advice?

Tonight i went for a sushi date with two lovely friends. Áfter that we wanted to party, but one friend wasn't feeling that well so we desided to stay at home and get a good night sleep..
Sadly im not a good sleeper and so now im still awake..

Oh almoest forgot..
I orded two things at ASOS, a one shoulder lipsy dress and a basic top, so.. pictures soon ;)

Have a nice day xoxo

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  1. madrid is great!!
    oooh you got my dream phone!!enjoy!