donderdag 25 november 2010


Last weekend we went to Madrid for my boyfriends birthday, i gave him tickets to a Real Madrid match and a weekend away.
Madrid is a really nice city with some great buildings.

We did some shopping, i only bought 1(!!) top and my boyfriend bought like 6 or 7 different pieces, so thats kinda strange.. :p

We got tickets for the match and were so close to the field (row 8) so we had excellent view!
Witch was great for my boyfriend, but also for me.. Cristino Ronaldo (L)

Besides visting the match and shopping we went to the museum Prado and the royal palace.

I love those little trips away, it just feels like holiday.
Got to plan a new trip really soon...


A little park. Coat: Zara / Shoes: Obvious ;)

My love.

Cristino Ronaldoooo

Starbucks, wish we had one in Rotterdam!

My boyfriend and me @ the hotel. Dress: H&M

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